Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jigsore Terror - World End Carnage (2004)

Jigsore Terror was formed in year 2001 by Tobbe "Six Feet" Ander (Scams, Smooth & Greedy, Leukemia) on guitar and Adde Mitroulis (Birdflesh, General Surgery, Sayyadina) on drums. Very soon bass player Hampus Klang (Birdflesh, Bullet, Hypnosia) and vocalist Tobbe Eng (Thunderdog) joined the band. The reason to start this project was to play some kind of old school death metal in the vein of the early brutal bands like Repulsion, Death and Terrorizer.The band made several songs and played some shows. In October 2002 they decided to record their first demo in Soundlab Studios. Six songs were recorded and the demo was sent to some labels. A deal was signed in 2004 with Listenable Records in France. The first album was also recorded in Soundlab by Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum, Genocide Superstars). Before the recording vocalist Tobbe Eng left the band due to lack of time. So Adde recorded the vocals on the album.

Status: Inactive
Rock If You Like: Birdflesh - Terrorizer - Repulsion

Track listing:

1 - Gorging on Exposed Arteries

2 - Skeletal Decomposition

3 - Slaughtered Existence

4 - Death Rattle Cacaphony

5 - Senseless Slaughter

6 - Rotten Heads
7 - Reeking Death

8 - Insane Torture

9 - Scattered Cranial Remains

10 - Violent Molestation

11 - Corpses on Fire
12 - Feast of Dismembered Limbs

13 - Brutally Murdered

14 - Bestial Frenzy

15 - World End Carnage


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