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Entombed Discography

1989-But Life Goes On
1990-Left Hand Path
1992-Stranger Aeons
1993-Wolverine Blues
1993-Out Of Hand
1997-To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
1997-Family Favourites
1997-Live At Hultsfred
1998-Same Difference
1999-Black Juju
2001-Morning Star
2002-Live In Skelleftea
2002-Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord[part1]
2002-Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord[part2]
2003-Live In Gothenburg
2004-Live At P3 Popstad
2004-Unreal Estate
2005-Live Waldrock Festival
2006-Live Folkets Park Vaexjoe Sweden
2006-When In Sodom
2007-Serpent Saints-The Ten Amendments

Annihilator Discography

Genre:Speed/Thrash Metal

1989-Alice In Hell
1993-Set To World On Fire
1994-King Of The Kill
1994-Bag of Tricks
1996-In Command-Live 1989-1990
1996-Refresh The Demon
1999-Criteria For A Black Widow
2001-Carnival Diablos
2002-Waking The Fury
2003-Double Live Annihilation
2004-The Best Of
2004-All For You
2005-Schizo Deluxe

Municipal Waste Discography


2003-Waste 'Em All
2005-Hazardous Mutation
2007-The Art of Partying

Anthrax Discography


Anthrax members (Click to see larger picture)

Country: United States of America
Genre: Speed/Thrash, Groove Metal

1983_-_Anthrax_-_Fistful Of Metal
1985_-_Anthrax_-_Armed And Dangerous[EP]
1985_-_Anthrax - Spreading The Disease
1987_-_Anthrax - I'm The Man[EP]
1987_-_Anthrax - Among The Living
1988_-_Anthrax_-_State Of Euphoria
1989_-_Anthrax_- Penikufesin_[EP]
1990_-_Anthrax_-_In My World[Single]
1990_-_Anthrax - Persistence Of Time
1991_-_Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer B's[Best of Compilation]
1993_-_Anthrax - Black Lodge[EP]
1993_-_Anthrax - Hy Pro Glo[EP]
1993_-_Anthrax_- Sound Of White Noise
1994_- Anthrax_- Live The Island Years
1995 - Anthrax - Stomp 442
1996_-_Anthrax_- Nothing[EP]
1998_- Anthrax - Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
2004_-_Anthrax - Music Of Mass Destruction

Napalm Death Discography

Genre:Grindcore/Death Metal
Country:United Kingdom

1982-Punk Is A Rotting Corpse
1985-Hatred Surge(Demo)
1988-From Enslavement to Obliteration
1988-North Atlantic Noise Attack(Compilation)
1989-Mentally Murdered[EP]
1989-Napalm Death/S.O.B.[Split]
1989-The Peel Sessions[Best of/Compilation]
1990-Harmony Corruption
1992-Utopia Banished
1992-Corridors Of Blood Live
1992-Death By Manipulation[Best of/Compilation]
1992-The World Keeps Turning[EP]
1993-Live Corruption
1993-Peel Sessions II
1994-Fear, Emptiness, Despair
1995-Greed Killing[EP]
1996-Cursed to Tour-At The Gates[Split]
1997-Breed to Breath[EP]
1997-In Tongues We Speak-Coalesce[Split]
1997-Inside The Torn Apart
1998-Bootlegged In Japan[Part I]
1998-Bootlegged In Japan[Part II]
1998-Words From The Exit Wound
1999-Leaders Not Followers[EP]
2000-Enemy Of The Music Business
2000-The Complete Radio One Sessions[Best of/Compilation]
2002-Order of the Leech
2004-Leaders Not Followers Part.II
2005-The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code
2006-Smear Campaign

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Terror - The Damned The Shamed 2008

Band: Terror
Album: The Damned The Shamed
Year: 2008
Genre: Hardcore
Country: United States
Myspace: Link
Filesize: 54 MB
1. Voice Of The Damned
2. Relentless Through And Through
3. Betrayer
4. Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
5. Never Alone
6. What I Despise
7. Let Me Sink
8. Feel The Pain
9. Lost Our Minds
10. March To Redemption
11. Crush Whats Weak
12. Still Believe
13. Suffer To Return Harder


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Abigail Williams - In the shadow of a thousand suns

Line Up
Ken Sorceron - voz, guitarra
Ashley "Ellyllon" Jurgemeyer - piano, teclado, samples
Plaguehammer (Tommy Haywood Jr.) - bajo
Bjornthor (Bjorn Dannov) - guitarra
Samus (Sam Paulicelli) - bateria
Matt Brown - guitarra

Track list

01. I
02. The world beyond
03. Acolytes
04. A thousand suns
05. Into the ashes
06. Smoke and mirrors
07. A semblance of life
08. Empyrean into the cold wastes
09. Floods
10. The departure

Misfits - Discography

Studio albums

With "Original" Misfits:
Walk Among Us (1982)
Earth A.D. (1983)

"Resurrected" Misfits
Static Age (1997)
American Psycho (1997)
Famous Monsters (1999)
12 Hits from Hell (2001)
Project 1950 (2003)

Live Albuns:

"Original" Misfits:


"Resurrected" Misfits:

Track list +info
Official web

FatBoy Slim - Discography

Better Living Through Chemistry (1996)

You've Come A Long Way Baby (1998)

Rockafella Skank (single 1998)

Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars (2000)


MIX & REMIX ALBUM (compilation 1999)

CALIFORNIA RITE NOW (compilation 1999)

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Megadeth - Full Discography

From 83 to now...thrash/speed metal band...

1985 - Killing is My Business
1986 - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
1988 - So Far, So Good...So What!
1990 - Rust In Peace
1992 - Countdown To Extinction
1994 - Youthanasia
1995 - Hidden Treasures
1997 - Cryptic Writings
1999 - Risk
2000 - Capitol Punishment The Megadeth Years
2001 - The World Needs A Hero
2002 - Rude Awakening
2002 - Still Alive, And Well
2004 - The System Has Failed
2007 - United Abominations
2007 - Warchest (4 CD Box Set)


No Fun At All - Low Rider(2008)


01 - Mine My Mind
02 - Never Ending Stream
03 - Reckless (I Dont Wanna)
04 - Anything Could Happen Here
05 - Forevermore
06 - It's Such A Good Thing
07 - Man With The Powers
08 - Sorry To Say
09 - Such A Shame
10 - Episode 666 (In Flames Cover)
11 - The Beautiful Sound
12 - Wind-Up
13 - Willingly Unknowing
14 - There Must Be A Better Way

Marilyn Monroe - Greatest Hits Remixed (2008)

Cita :

01. Diamonds are a girl's best friend (Swing Cats Remix)
02. I wanna be loved by you (Mafia Remix)
03. A little girl from little rock (Time Out Remix)
04. Happy birthday (James Hardway Remix)
05. A fine romance (Destination Remix)
06. I wanna be loved by you (Manifest Remix)
07. Kiss me (Dreamer Remix)
08. Lazy (Wake Me Remix)
09. Bye bye baby (Aftermath Remix)
10. My heart belongs to daddy (Screen Edge Remix)
11. She acts like a woman should (James Hardway)
12. Some like it hot (Revolution Remix)
13. You'd be surprised (Deluxe Remix)

Air Supply - Platinum & Gold Collection

1. All Out Of Love
2. Here I Am
3. Lost In Love
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Just As I Am
6. Lonely Is The Night
7. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
8. Without You
9. It's Never Too Late
10. Every Woman In The World
11. Taking The Chance
12. Now And Forever
13. Even The Nights Are Better


Annie Lennox - Songs Of Mass Destruction

1. Dark Road
2. Love Is blind
3. Smithereens
4. Ghosts In My Machine
5. Womankind
6. Through The Glass Darkly
7. Lost
8. Coloured Bedspread
9. Sing
10. Big Sky
11. Fingernail Moon


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Art Garfunkel - Breakaway 1975

1. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
2. Rag Doll
3. Break Away
4. Disney Girls
5. Waters Of March
6. My Little Town
7. I Only Have Eyes For You
8. Looking For The Right One
9. 99 Miles From L.A.
10. The Same Old Tears On A New Background

Art Garfunkel - Lefty 1988

1. This Is The Moment
2. I Have A Love
3. So Much In Love
4. Slow Breakup
5. Love Is The Only Chain
6. When A Man Loves A Woman
7. I Wonder Why
8. King Of Tonga
9. If Love Takes You Away
10. The Promise

FIFA 09 Soundtrack 2CD (Limited Edition) 2008

Artist : VA
Album: FIFA 09
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo
Songs : 42
password: fifa09
Playtime : CD1: 85:58 CD2: 81:38
Company : EA SPORTS
Size : 224,2 MB

CD 1

01.the airborne tonic event - gasoline [03:20]
02.the black kids - i’m not gonna (twelves mix) [03:44]
03.caesar palace - 1ne [03:19]
04.chromeo - bonafied lovin’(yuksek mix) [04:25]
05.css - jagen yoga [03:49]
06.curumin - magrela fever [04:12]
07.cut copy - lights and music [04:37]
08.damian jr.gong marley - something for you [03:17]
09.datarock - true stories [02:52] bitman - me gustan [02:56]
11.duffy - mercy [03:41]
12.foals - olympic airways [04:19]
13.gonzales - working (boys nouze mix) [04:48] chip - ready for (soulwax mix) [08:14]
15.jakobinaria - i’m a villain [03:00]
16.junkie xl feat. electrocute - mad pursuit [04:14]
17.jupiter one - platform moon [05:45]
18.kasabian - fast fuse [04:08]
19.ladytron - runaway [04:51]
20.lykke li - i’m good i’m gone [03:09]
21.macaco - moving [03:18]


01.mgmt - kids [05:03] federation - what gods are there [03:54]
03.najwajean - drive me [04:24]
04.the veronicas - untouched [04:14]
05.plastilina mosh - let u know [03:21]
06.radiopilot - fahrrad [02:24]
07.reverend and the makers - open your window [03:59]
08.sam sparro - black & gold [03:32]
09.senor flavio - lo mejor del mundo [02:20]
10.soprano - victory [04:20]
11.the bloody beetoots - butter [04:34]
12.the fratllis - tell me a lie [03:59]
13.the heavy - that kind of man [03:39]
14.the kissaway trail - 61 [04:26]
15.the kooks - always where i need to be [02:41]
16.the pinker tones - the whistling song [03:55]
17.the script - the end where i begin [03:21]
18.the whisp - muzzle #1 [04:55]
19.the ting tings - keep your head [03:24]
20.tom jones - feel the music (jxl mix) [03:47]
21.ungdomskulen - modern drummer [05:26]

DoWnLoAD links:


FACTRIX - "Scheintot" (1981)

San Francisco, CA

I enjoy this record for it's being relatively laid back sounding, unlike much of SPK's early output and more like Throbbing Gristle's generally peaceful moments on 20 Jazz Funk Greats. It very much has it's own sound though. If you like early industrial with a haunting, yet calming atmosphere, this is your record. Highly recommended.

A1 Eerie Lights 4:05
A2 Heavy Breathing 4:58
A3 Center of the Doll 4:56
A4 Thin Line 2:20
A5 Anemone Housing 2:21
B1 Over My Shoulder (And Out of My Life) 3:10
B2 Ballad of the Grim Rider 4:17
B3 Snuff Box 4:43
B4 Phantom Pain 5:05

NEGATIVLAND - "Points" (1981)

Contra Costa County, CA

"Negativland's second album — and final one before Joyce became a full-time member — found the band's ambitions and compositional range increasing in due measure, if still not quite up to where A Big 10-8 Place and after would lead them. That such a young band would be not merely content but inspired to try and twist as many recording conventions as possible to suit their own purposes — especially years before home computers and software made such manipulation incredibly easy — deserves credit alone. The trio's various sonic collage and Krautrock inspirations still hold sway in many places, ranging from rhythmic chimes slicing through a song mix to more random vocal sample/noise combinations (check out "Dear Mary" for a prime example). Meanwhile, the definition of what a "song" is itself is again tested more often than not. The themes of a fractured, not entirely whole suburbia again hold sway — "A Nice Place to Live" and its juxtaposition of boosterish news reports and dark synth is a fine example — and are further captured in part due to some inspired guest appearances. Wills' mother and aunt duet on accordion and singing for "Harry to the Ferry" — though most of the song is in fact a rather insanely chopped up recording of the process of taping said piece — while Hosler's own mother turns up with "kitchen noises" on the piano/synth improv "Clutch Cargo '81." A couple of the group's most straightforward compositions take a bow on Points, like the home organ bop of "The Answer Is..." (featuring a stuttering Ronald Reagan snippet, first of many politicized digs at the '80s state of mind). The credit list for the album alone is worthy of interest, with the three main members listed as playing, among other things, oven grill, puppies, parakeets, and a banana chair." -Ned Raggett

A1 Harry to the Ferry 2:54
A2 The Answer Is... 4:28
A3 Scolding Box 5:25
A4 That Darn Keet 1:55
A5 Dear Mary 1:49
A6 "Clutch Cargo `81" 3:47
B1 BABAC D'BABC... 5:07
B2 A Nice Place to Live 2:52
B3 A Bee Fly 0:55
B4 No Hands 2:17
B5 Potty Air 5:56

THE NIHILIST SPASM BAND - "No Record" (1968)

London, ON, Canada

The Nihilist Spasm Band is a noise/avant-garde collective composed of several artists in and around London, Ontario. While classified as being a noise band, they are not at all like other "typical" noise artists such as Whitehouse or Merzbow. Most of their instruments are homemade, being original designs by the members of the group, or modifications of other struments. The members typically do not tune their instruments to the others' and are encouraged to improvise. It's more of an audio modern art piece than what is commonly refered to as "music". Destroooooy the nations!!!

1 Destroy the Nations 8:18
2 When in London Sleep at the York Hotel 4:58
3 The Byron Bog 11:19
4 Dog Face Man 7:55
5 Oh Brian Dibb 4:36
6 Destroy the Nations Again 12:50

CRASS - "Penis Envy" (1981)

Epping, Essex, England

This is the third record by Crass and a lot of people say it's their best, and it very well could be, but that's a rather bold statement. For all intents and purposes, being forced to actually pick a favorite Crass record is like being given the choice of losing either both your legs or both your arms. I'd rather just answer with: "Do I really have to choose?" That said, this album is fucking fantastic just like every other Crass record. I do like that the album is more of a concept album than their other releases, heavily revolving around feminism and other sexually related themes. Plus, Eve really shines through on here, and I've always really loved her voice. If you've never heard Crass before, this is a perfectly good place to start. But there's nothing wrong with starting elsewhere. I really love Crass.

A1 Bata Motel 3:30
A2 Systematic Death 3:57
A3 Poison in a Pretty Pill 3:39
A4 What the Fuck 6:43
B1 Where Next Columbus 3:10
B2 Berkertex Bribe 3:21
B3 Smother Love 1:48
B4 Health Surface 3:30
B5 Dry Weather 3:06
B6 Being True 2:04

CHUMBAWAMBA - "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records" (1986)

A1 Prologue
A2 I. How to Get Your Band On Television
A3 II. British Colonialism and the BBC - Flickering Pictures Hypnotise
A4 III. Commercial Break
A5 IV. Unilever - How To Succeed In Business
B1 V. More Whitewashing
B2 VI. ...An Interlude: Beginning To Take It Back
B3 VII. Dutiful Servants And Political Masters
B4 VIII. Coca-Colonisation
B5 IX. ...And In A Nutshell "Food Aid Is Our Most Powerful Weapon" Reagan Administration, 1982
B6 X. Invasion

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I Set My Friends On Fire - You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter [2008]

I Set My Friends On Fire - You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

01 Talks....I'm Out Of Here
02 Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
03 Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beerholder
04 Things That Rhyme With Orange
05 ASL
06 Interlude
07 Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos
08 HxC 2-Step
10 Crank That
11 But The NUNS Are Watching...
12 Reese's Pieces, I Don't Know Who John Cleese Is?

Baixar album.

A Hope For Home - The Everlasting Man [2008]

A Hope For Home [2008] The Everlasting Man

01.The Covenant
02.Iniquity: An Offering
03.Affliction: The Witness, The Advocate
04.The Exile
05.Babylon: The Insatiable Thirst
06.Absolution: Of Flight and Failure
07.Masada: The Spiral Staircase
08.Redemption: A Grief Observed
09.The Thousand Years

Baixar album.

Return The Hero - Where The Willow Grows [2008]

Return The Hero [2008] Where The Willow Grows

01. The Alternative 03:51
02. Where The Willow Grows 04:29
03. Galaxy 03:25
04. Royale 04:30
05. Sayings of Agur 04:46
06. Mind of Glass 06:20
07. A Dove On Distant Oaks 03:32
08. My Heart Goes Out 04:40

Baixar album.

I Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind [2008]

I Am Ghost [2008] Those We Leave Behind

01. Intro: We Dance With Monsters
02. Don't Wake Up
03. Those We Leave Behind
04. Buried Way Too Shallow
05. Bone Garden
06. Saddest Story Never Told
07. Smile of a Jesus Freak
08. So, I Guess This Is Goodbye
09. Interlude: Remember This Face, Baby
10. Burn The Bodies To The Ground
11. Rock N' Roll High School Murder
12. Make Me Believe This Is Real
13. They Always Come Back
14. Set Me Free

Baixar album.

Close Your Eyes - Close Your Eyes [2008]

Close Your Eyes [2008] Close Your Eyes

01. Friends are Friends Forever
02. Move Before Confusion Sets In (dancerock)
03. Sky Vs. Ground
04. This Lifeboat wasn't big enough for the two of us
05. Monotony Is My Middle Name

Baixar album.

Greeley Estates - Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East [2008]

Greeley Estates [2008] Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East

01.Blue Morning
02.Go West Young Man
03.If We're Going Out, Let's Go Out In Style
04.Desperate Times Call for Desperate Housewives
05.If She Only Knew
06.If I Could Be Frank, You're Ugly!
07.In The Ashes
08.Mother Nature Is A Terrorist
09.Let The Evil Go East
10.I'll Have To Warn You, This Won't Be Quick
11.There's Something Wrong With The World Today
12.Keep The Heat On The Dash
13.You're Just Somebody I Used To Know


Baixar album.

Folsom – Neon Light Nights [2008]

Artist - Folsom
Album - Neon Light Nights
Genre - Hardcore / Metal / Punk
Website -
Country - Las Vegas, United States

1. Wicked Ways
2. Stranglehold
3. Heart Of Stone
4. Doing The Devils Work
5. Abomination
6. Neon Light Night


Neuraxis – Imagery [1997]

Artist - Neuraxis
Album - Imagery
Genre - Death Metal / Grindcore / Technical
Website -
Country - Montreal, Canada

1. Intro
2. A Temporal Calamity
3. Oscilliated to Intelligence
4. Cyberwar
5. Inquisition on Mortality
6. Lid to Your Soul
7. Reasons of Being
8. Atmospheric Holocaust
9. Psycho-Waves
10. A Drift...
11. Driftwood
12. The Drop


Burning The Masses - Mind Control [2008]

Artist - Burning The Masses
Album - Mind Control
Genre - Metal / Death Metal / Hardcore
Website -
Country - United States

1. Cinema
2. Paroxysm Of Fear
3. Mind Control
4. Moltres
5. Cyanide
6. Gerascophobia
7. La Chupacabra
8. Arms Raised, Eyes Closed
9. Nailgun Massacre
10. Euphoria Ends
11. Prodigy
12. Galactic Abduction


Born From Pain - Survival [2008]

Artist - Born From Pain
Album - Survival
Genre - Hardcore
Website -
Country - The Netherlands

1. Sound Of Survival
2. State Of Mind
3. Sons Of A Dying World
4. The Wolves Are Loose
5. Never Die
6. Final Collapse
7. Endgame
8. Zeitgeist
9. The Hydra
10. Zero Hour
11. Under False Flag


Polluted Inheritance – Into Darkness [2001]

Artist – Polluted Inheritance
Album – Into Darkness
Genre – Technical Death Metal
Website –
Country – Holland

1. Broken
2. Free to Be
3. Growing Distance
4. Seal Your Fate
5. Divine Capture
6. Hypocrisy
7. Angel's Masquerade
8. Final Fantasy
9. Alone
10. Inner Peace
11. Endless Time


Kill The Client – Cleptocracy [2008]

Artist – Kill The Client
Album – Cleptocracy
Genre – Grindcore
Website –
Country – Dallas, TX

1. Divide and Conquer
2. Retaliate
3. Bullet Proof Vultures
4. Christian Pipebomb
5. Consumption is Intoxication
6. Cleptocracy
7. Test Tube Nation
8. Product of Misinformation
9. Dog Tagged
10. Evidence of Injustice
11. 99 Percent Turnover
12. The Lies
13. A Mockery of Guidance
14. Downfall
15. False Flag Attack
16. Red State Redneck
17. Spartacus
18. Terminal Nation