Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Templars - 1118-1312

The Templars formed officially in April of ‘91. Prior to forming the band, Carl and Phil had been jamming cover songs in Carl’s garage. They decided to get serious and formed the band with a mutual friend, Don (later to be replaced by Perry).

Our first gig was June 3,1992 at the Holbrook Civic Center. The show was put on by some friends of ours and included bands like 411, Scapegrace, and Common Ground. Shortly after we played the first D.C. Oi! Fest at the Wilson Center with bands like The Bruisers, Oxblood, Wretched Ones, Patriot, Niblick Henbane, and Those Unknown.


Land of the Morning Calm
Skins and Punks
The Glory It Once Was
Shades of Grey
Chansons de Geste
Police Informer [Live]
War on the Streets [Live]
Just Another Rebel [Live]