Sunday, December 7, 2008

Entombed Discography

1989-But Life Goes On
1990-Left Hand Path
1992-Stranger Aeons
1993-Wolverine Blues
1993-Out Of Hand
1997-To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
1997-Family Favourites
1997-Live At Hultsfred
1998-Same Difference
1999-Black Juju
2001-Morning Star
2002-Live In Skelleftea
2002-Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord[part1]
2002-Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord[part2]
2003-Live In Gothenburg
2004-Live At P3 Popstad
2004-Unreal Estate
2005-Live Waldrock Festival
2006-Live Folkets Park Vaexjoe Sweden
2006-When In Sodom
2007-Serpent Saints-The Ten Amendments

Annihilator Discography

Genre:Speed/Thrash Metal

1989-Alice In Hell
1993-Set To World On Fire
1994-King Of The Kill
1994-Bag of Tricks
1996-In Command-Live 1989-1990
1996-Refresh The Demon
1999-Criteria For A Black Widow
2001-Carnival Diablos
2002-Waking The Fury
2003-Double Live Annihilation
2004-The Best Of
2004-All For You
2005-Schizo Deluxe

Municipal Waste Discography


2003-Waste 'Em All
2005-Hazardous Mutation
2007-The Art of Partying

Anthrax Discography


Anthrax members (Click to see larger picture)

Country: United States of America
Genre: Speed/Thrash, Groove Metal

1983_-_Anthrax_-_Fistful Of Metal
1985_-_Anthrax_-_Armed And Dangerous[EP]
1985_-_Anthrax - Spreading The Disease
1987_-_Anthrax - I'm The Man[EP]
1987_-_Anthrax - Among The Living
1988_-_Anthrax_-_State Of Euphoria
1989_-_Anthrax_- Penikufesin_[EP]
1990_-_Anthrax_-_In My World[Single]
1990_-_Anthrax - Persistence Of Time
1991_-_Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer B's[Best of Compilation]
1993_-_Anthrax - Black Lodge[EP]
1993_-_Anthrax - Hy Pro Glo[EP]
1993_-_Anthrax_- Sound Of White Noise
1994_- Anthrax_- Live The Island Years
1995 - Anthrax - Stomp 442
1996_-_Anthrax_- Nothing[EP]
1998_- Anthrax - Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
2004_-_Anthrax - Music Of Mass Destruction

Napalm Death Discography

Genre:Grindcore/Death Metal
Country:United Kingdom

1982-Punk Is A Rotting Corpse
1985-Hatred Surge(Demo)
1988-From Enslavement to Obliteration
1988-North Atlantic Noise Attack(Compilation)
1989-Mentally Murdered[EP]
1989-Napalm Death/S.O.B.[Split]
1989-The Peel Sessions[Best of/Compilation]
1990-Harmony Corruption
1992-Utopia Banished
1992-Corridors Of Blood Live
1992-Death By Manipulation[Best of/Compilation]
1992-The World Keeps Turning[EP]
1993-Live Corruption
1993-Peel Sessions II
1994-Fear, Emptiness, Despair
1995-Greed Killing[EP]
1996-Cursed to Tour-At The Gates[Split]
1997-Breed to Breath[EP]
1997-In Tongues We Speak-Coalesce[Split]
1997-Inside The Torn Apart
1998-Bootlegged In Japan[Part I]
1998-Bootlegged In Japan[Part II]
1998-Words From The Exit Wound
1999-Leaders Not Followers[EP]
2000-Enemy Of The Music Business
2000-The Complete Radio One Sessions[Best of/Compilation]
2002-Order of the Leech
2004-Leaders Not Followers Part.II
2005-The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code
2006-Smear Campaign

Friday, December 5, 2008

Terror - The Damned The Shamed 2008

Band: Terror
Album: The Damned The Shamed
Year: 2008
Genre: Hardcore
Country: United States
Myspace: Link
Filesize: 54 MB
1. Voice Of The Damned
2. Relentless Through And Through
3. Betrayer
4. Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
5. Never Alone
6. What I Despise
7. Let Me Sink
8. Feel The Pain
9. Lost Our Minds
10. March To Redemption
11. Crush Whats Weak
12. Still Believe
13. Suffer To Return Harder