Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Estradasphere- It's Understood (2000)

After a lot of thinking I realized that an Estradasphere experience isn't complete without listening to It's Understood. Therefore if you liked Quadropus then it's probable you'll like this album even more -who knows, maybe I'll post Buck Fever or Palace of Mirrors later because everything they've done is damn near perfect. So after "Hunger Strike" dumbfounds your brain with its elaborate instrumentals, the rest of the album will seem like an unreal revelry of every genre known to mankind. Just try to keep your pants on.

1. Hunger Strike
2. Cloud Land
3. The Transformation
4. Danse of Tosho and Slavi/Randy's Desert Adventure
5. The Trials and Tribulations of Parking On Your Front Lawn
6. The Princes
7. Los Dias Sin Dias
8. XQuiQ
9. Hunnahpu and Xbalanque
10. Spreading The Disease
11. Planet Sparkle/Court Yard Battle 1
12. D♭ Hell


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