Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trainwreck - Self Titled (2006)

Great debut from ex-EAVES and ENGRAVE members, which fits somewhere between both bands, but with a darker and heavier feel. Trainwreck jam pack every song with hate, angst and just plain old disgust. This is a great example on how to take several genres and blur them all together for something unique and fresh.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Trap Them - His Hero Is Gone - PG. 99

Track listing:
1 - The Charme Of Flickering Light
2 - Goodbye Bloodsuckers
3 - You Cant Fake The Funk
4 - Dust From Our Fingertips
5 - Gravity Shift
6 - Au Revoir Tristesse
7 - Like Weeds

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