Monday, July 28, 2008

The Unseen - Lower Class Crucifixion

1. Children Of The Revolution
2. Too Young To Know
3. Alone
4. Social Security
5. Goodbye America
6. New World Fodder
7. Police Brutality
8. Unseen Class
9. What Are We Waiting For?
10. Coincidence Or Consequence?
11. In The City
12. A.D.D.
13. Thorn


un_talk said...
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un_talk said...

Btw, koq sama ama yang di posting di kaskus ya? kenal ya ama Ferly? Ato sumbernya aja kali ya yang sama,"internet",heheheheh...
Keep it up bro'..having fun in your new playground, huh?heheh..

J-e-l-l-o said...

hehehe iyah yg kaskus sebagian gw masukin sini :D