Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reveal - To Explore The Invention, To Create (1999)

This is the 2nd release from the Amsterdam mathcore legends, Reveal. To Explore... was the only record they put out that wasn't on Goodlife Records. By no means does that have an effect on the quality of the songwriting or production. Sorry this request took so long to fill, but please do enjoy.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Botch - Eleven Thirty-Four - Kiss It Goodbye

Track listing:
1 - Losing Interest In A War
2 - When Fear Starts Killing
3 - Untitled
4 - Upshot: Hand Me Down
5 - The Passion
6 - Faulty
7 - Too Obvious
8 - Gaping Breach
9 - Bonus Track
10 - Bonus Track


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