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Cinderella - STILL CLIMBING [1994]

Cinderella - STILL CLIMBING [1994]
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Still Climbing is the fourth studio album by Cinderella, released in 1994 through Mercury Records. Musically, it followed in the footsteps of their previous effort, Heartbreak Station, providing them with another album of gritty blues-rock in the vein of The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses and Humble Pie. Unfortunately, the album, which by most fans has been named as the equal or more of their previous efforts in terms of quality, was the victim of an MTV that ignored it, a record company that barely promoted it, and an audience whose taste had changed completely.

While Cinderella's first three albums all had gone platinum, the domination of grunge and alternative rock in the mid-1990s was so strong that it forced Still Climbing to chart at a lowly #178 and drop out after a mere few weeks. Despite featuring the minor hits "Bad Attitude Shuffle" (which was released as a single), "Hard to Find Words", and "Hot and Bothered" from the Wayne's World soundtrack, the album went nowhere, and the band's so far last studio album stands as a prime example of the loss of popularity among 1980's hard rock bands after the arrival of Nirvana.

Track listing

All songs are written by Tom Keifer, except "The Road's Still Long", which was split between him and Andy Johns, and "Hot and Bothered", which was split with Eric Brittingham.

  1. "Bad Attitude Shuffle"
  2. "All Comes Down"
  3. "Talk Is Cheap"
  4. "Hard to Find the Words"
  5. "Blood from a Stone"
  6. "Still Climbing"
  7. "Freewheelin'"
  8. "Through the Rain"
  9. "Easy Come, Easy Go"
  10. "The Road's Still Long"
  11. "Hot and Bothered"

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