Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dinosaur Jr.- You're Living All Over Me (1987)

Dinosaur Jr is one of those bands that can go through time and no matter how many moments you play their albums or buy the reissues it still never gets old. I liked them back when I still listened somewhat crap music like Rush or Hole. As far as I'm concerned Dinosaur Jr were the ones who bore the original crazy use of distortion and feedback. -Thanks for that, but a few years later we're going to have all these little Pixies and Nirvanas running around. So much for alternative rock?
You're Living All Over Me
is Jr's second and undoubtedly best album, Green Mind comes in at a close second and is essentially followed by Without a Sound for third. Maybe switch those two? It's hard to decide. Anyway, I really do love J Mascis and his distinct, oddly beautiful voice. I'm thinking of ways to explain how I hear his voice as but I keep typing weird shit that makes no sense. He sings like he's been somewhere, you know? Like I can relate completely to this dude, it's a weird connection; maybe anyone who loves Dinosaur Jr feels that way.
You're Living
is just one of those albums that gets me right in the gut; it means a lot to me and brings back a lot of memories. I hope anybody who decides to get this album will feel the same.

1. Little Furry Things
2. Kracked
3. Sludgefest
4. The Lung
5. Raisans
6. Tarpit
7. In a Jar
8. Lose
9. Poledo
10. Just Like Heaven (Bonus Track)



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