Saturday, July 26, 2008

Satyricon - My Skin Is Cold (2008)

Satyricon - My Skin Is Cold (2008)
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A previously unreleased SATYRICON song, "My Skin Is Cold", is included on the band's new EP of the same name, which was issued on June 2 in most of Europe. The track was omitted from the final running order of the
group's 2002 album "Volcano" and has remained unreleased up until this point. Joining those two tracks are live versions of "Repined Bastard Nation" and "Mother North" that were recorded in Gjallarhorn and include members of the Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian Broadcast Orchestra as well as "Live Through Me" and "Existential Fear-Questions", two tracks that were only released as bonus songs on the LP edition of "Volcano".

"My Skin Is Cold" was released as a seven-inch gatefold vinyl single including a five-track CD. This is the only physical version of the EP and the packaging is said to be "truly one of a kind!"



01.My Skin is Cold 05:06
02.Live Through Me 05:12
03.Existential Fear-Questions 06:02
04.Repined Bastard Nation (Live) 05:48
05.Mother North (Live) 09:06

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