Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cavity - Laid Insignificant Reissue 2008

"The variety of grimness on Laid Insignificant makes it a less caustic (or at least more enjoyably caustic) listen than the numbingly downtrodden early records by sludge brothers Eyehategod and Melvins. Cavity’s best songs build tension with creative use of feedback and discordant picking and tempo changes, and always hit payoff when those mammoth doom riffs land. And vocalist Rene Barge possesses a huge range of throat-shredding techniques in his arsenal, adding to the band’s dynamic attack. So while Laid Insignificant’s brevity qualifies it as an EP, it’s got the breadth of a full album. Cavity’s long gone, but the Laid Insignificant reissue does a nice job of filling the hole."

Status: Inactive
Rock If You Like: Disembodied - Eyehategod - Rwake

Track listing:
1 - Laid Insignificant
2 - The Woods
3 - Fingers On The Spider
4 - Marginal Man
5 - I May Go
6 - Spine I
7 - Spine II
8 - A Bitter Cold Spell


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