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The Clash Megapost

The Clash - Revolution Rock

1. Complete Control
2. I Fought The Law (London Lyceum '79)
3. Police & Thieves (Munich '77)
4. What's My Name (Manchester Elizabethan Suite '77) - previously unreleased
5. Capitol Radio One (Manchester Elizabethan Suite '77) - previously unreleased
6. White Riot
7. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A (Manchester Apollo '78) - previously unreleased
8. London's Burning (London Victoria Park '78)
9. 1977
10. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Glasgow Apollo '78)
11. Tommy Gun
12. Safe European Home (London Music Machine '78)
13. London Calling (Bonds International Casino '81)
14. Clampdown (Lewisham Odeon '80)
15. The Guns Of Brixton (Fridays '80) - previously unreleased
16. Train In Vain (Lewisham Odeon '80)
17. This Is Radio Clash (Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder '81) - previously unreleased
18. The Magnificent Seven (Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder '81) - previously unreleased
19. Brand New Cadillac (Tokyo Sun Plaza Hall '82) - previously unreleased
20. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Shea Stadium '82)
21. Know Your Rights (US Festival '83) - previously unreleased
22. Career Opportunities (Shea Stadium '82)
23. The Clash end_credits


The Clash - Out of Control


The Clash - Rocker Station

Radio One
Dirty Harry [Speed Mix]
Rock The Casbah (Hot Tracks Mix)
Overpowered By Funk (New York Remix) [Speed Mix]
The Escapades Of Futura 2000
Radio One (Reprise)
The Escapades Of Futura Dub
Overpowered By Funk (Instrumental)
Rock The Casbah (Ultimix)
The Further Adventures Of Futura 2000
The Magnificent Seven (Tomorrow Show)
Lightning Strikes (Live)
The Magnificent Seven (Grooveblaster Remix)
In The Pouring Rain (Demo)

Track 1 : b-side to the 1980 single Hitsville U.K.
Track 2 : original version of The Magnificent Seven - early 1980
Tracks 3 and 9 : alternate mixes of Rock The Casbah.
Track 4 : extended mix of Overpowered By Funk (80/81)
Tracks 5, 7 and 10 : performed by Futura 2000 with music by The Clash; 5 and 7 from 1983 and 10 the demo track from 1981. Track 6 is more of Radio One. Track 8 is an instrumental only mix of Overpowered By Funk, dating from probably around late 1981.
Track 11 : live on the 'Tom Snyder Tomorrow Show', 5th June 1981.
Track 12 : live 1981
Track 13 : remix of The Magnificent Seven, credited to 'The Grooveblaster', which is an alias for Gerry Belsha.
Track 14 : Joe Strummer's demo version (1993)


The Clash - From Here To Eternity Outtakes

Police On My Back
English Civil War
Drug Stabbing Time
Safe European Home
Jimmy Jazz
Police and Thieves
White Riot
Career Opportunities
Clash City Rockers
The Prisoner
Revolution Rock


The Clash - New-York City Palladium, 21/09/79

Safe European Home / I'm So Bored with the USA / Complete Control / London Calling / White Man In Hammersmith Palais / Koka Kola / I Fought the Law / Jail Guitar Doors / The Guns Of Brixton / English Civil War / Clash City Rockers / Stay Free / Clampdown / Police and Thieves / Capital Radio / Tommy Gun / Wrong 'Em Boyo / Janie Jones / Garageland / Armagideon Time / Career Opportunities / What's My Name / White Riot


The Clash - Clash on Broadway Promo Interview

Interview (Mick Jones on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Joe Strummer on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Mick Jones on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Paul Simonon on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Mick Jones on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Paul Simonon on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Joe Strummer on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Mick Jones on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Joe Strummer on the beginnings of The Clash)
Interview (Mick Jones on the beginnings of The Clash)
White Riot
Interview (Paul Simonon; Joe Strummer; Mick Jones; on the transition from Terry Chimes to Topper Headon as Clash Drummer, and the writing of the song Complete control)
Complete control
Interview (Mick Jones; Joe Strummer on writing White man in Hammersmith palais
White man in Hammersmith palais
Interview (Joe Strummer on the inspiration for Julie's been working for the drug squad)
Julie's been working for the drug squad
Interview (Paul Simonon; Joe Strummer on writing One emotion)
One emotion
Interview (Joe Strummer; Mick Jones on covering the song I fought the law)
I fought the law (Live)
Interview (Mick Jones; Paul Simonon; Joe Strummer on writing the song and album London Calling)
London Calling
Interview (Joe Strummer; Mick Jones on writing Lost in the Supermarket)
Lost in the Supermarket
Interview (Paul Simonon on writing The Guns of Brixton)
The Guns of Brixton
Interview (Paul Simonon; Mick Jones on writing Train in Vain)
Train in Vain
Interview (Joe Strummer on writing Rock The Casbah)
Rock The Casbah
Interview (Mick Jones; Joe Strummer; Paul Simonon on writing Should I stay or should I go)
Should I stay or should I go
Interview (Paul Simonon, Mick Jones; Joe Strummer on recording Every little bit hurts)
Every little bit hurts
Interview (Mick Jones; Paul Simonon; Joe Strummer on the legacy of The Clash)


The clash - Rude Boys Directors cut

English Civil War (28 dec 78, London Lyceum)
White Man In Hammersmith Palais (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
I'm So Bored With the USA (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
Janie Jones (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
White Riot (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
Complete Control (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
Tommy Gun (jul 78?, Dumfermline Kinema)
I Fought the Law (28 dec 78, London Lyceum)
Safe European Home (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
What's My Name (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
Police and Thieves (12 jul 78?, Birmingham Top Rank?)
London's Burning (30 apr 78, Victoria Park, Hackney, London)
White Riot* (30 apr 78, Victoria Park, Hackney, London)
No Reason (Rehearsal Rehearsals)
Garageland (Rehearsal Rehearsals)

*with Jimmy Pursey ( Sham 69)


The Clash - Elvis has left the building (rare tracks & demos)

King Of The Road (Sandinista Outake) (with Norman Watt Roy On Bass)
Blonde Rock & Roll (Sandinista Outake) (whit Ellen Foley)
White Riot (26 apr 77 Promo video shot) remixed
Know Your Rights (Combat Rock Outtake)
1977 (26 apr 77 Promo video shot) remixed
Overpowered By Funk (instrumental)
Louie Louie (Sandinista Outake)
Garageland (Rude Boy Outake - complete -)
House Of The Ju Ju Queen (Demo)
Y.M.C.A. (WCBN Radio sing -a- long)
Drug Stabbing Time (demo)
Safe European Home (demo)
Julie's In The Drug Squad (demo)
Stay Free (demo)
1977 (26 apr 77 Promo video shot)
White Riot (26 apr 77 Promo video shot)
London's Burning (26 apr 77 Promo video shot)
Mona (Unreleased demo 1980)
Can't Judge (Unreleased demo 1980)
Groovy Times (demo)
Last Gang In Town (demo)
It's No Over (Gates Of The West demo)


The Clash - Chicago 14/09/79

01. Jimmy Jazz
02. I'm so bored with the USA
03. Complete Control
04. London Calling
05. Clampdown
06. White Man in Hammersmith Palais
07. Koka Kola
08. I fought the Law
09. Jail Guitar Doors
10. Police and Thieves
11. Stay Free
12. Clash City Rockers
13. Safe European Home
14. Capital Radio
15. Janie Jones
16. Garageland
17. Armagideon Time
18. Career Opportunities
19. White Riot


The Clash - Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan, 01 Fevrier 82

01. Intro
02. London Calling
03. Safe European Home
04. Train In Vain
05. Washington Bullets
06. The Leader
07. Magnificent 7
08. Guns of Brixton
09. White Man in Hamm Palais
10. Ivan Meets Gi Joe
11. Brand New Cadilac
12. Career Opportunities
13. Janie Jones
14. Charlie Dont Surf
15. Clampdown
16. Radio Clash
17. Clash City Rockers
18. Armagideon Time
19. Jimmy Jazz
20. Tommy Gun
21. London's Burning
22. Fujiyama Mama
23. Police on My Back
24. White Riot


The Clash - Lochen, Holland, 20/05/82

01. London Calling
02. Safe European Home
03. The Guns of Brixton
04. Train In Vain
05. Clash City Rockers
06. Know Your Rights
07. The Magnificent Seven
08. Ghetto Defendent
09. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
10. Police and Thieves
11. Brand New Cadillac
12. Bankrobber
13. Complete Control
14. Career Opportunities
15. Clampdown


The Clash - Hammersmith OdeonLondon, England, 27/12/79

01 Clash City Rockers
02. Brand New Cadillac
03. Safe European Home
04. Jimmy Jazz
05. Clampdown
06. The Guns of Brixton
07. Train In Vain
08. Wrong 'Em Boyo
09. Koka Kola
10. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
11. Stay Free
12. Bankrobber
13. Janie Jones
14. Compete Control
15. Armagideon Time
16. London Calling
17. outro


The Clash - Going to the Disco, Live At The Roundhouse, London, 05/09/76


The Clash - Lille,France Palais St. Sauveur 09/05/81

London Calling
Safe European Home
The Leader
Somebody Got Murdered
White Man in Hammersmith Palais
Guns of Brixton
Lightning Strikes
I Fought The Law
Corner Soul
Ivan Meets GI Joe
Radio Clash
Charlie Don't Surf
Magnificent Seven
Wong 'Em Boyo
Train in Vain


The Clash - Clash Concerts 1976/1983

DISC ONE (66 minutes)
1. White Riot (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
2. 1977 (Roundhouse. London 09/05/76)
3. Capital Radio (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
4. Janie Jones (Tokyo Japan 02/01/82)
5. Remote Control (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)*
6. I’m So Bored With The USA (Palladium NY 09/21/79)
7. Hate & War (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)*
8. What’s My Name (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)
9. Deny (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)
10. London’s Burning (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
11. Career Opportunities (Tokyo Japan 02/01/82)
12. Police & Thieves (Passaic, NJ 03/08/80)
13. 48 Hours (Roundhouse. London 09/05/76)
14. Garageland (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
15. Complete Control (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
16. City Of The Dead (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
17. Clash City Rockers (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
18. Jail Guitar Doors (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)*
19. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
20. Safe European Home (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
21. English Civil War (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
22. Tommy Gun (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
23. Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)

DISC TWO (70 minutes)
1. Drug Stabbing Time (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
2. Stay Free (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)*
3. Cheapskates (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
4. I Fought The Law (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
5. London Calling (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
6. Armagideon Time (San Bernadino CA 05/28/83)
7. Brand New Cadillac (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
8. Jimmy Jazz (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)
9. Spanish Bombs (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)
10. Lost In The Supermarket (Wichita Falls TX 05/19/83)*
11. Clampdown (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
12. The Guns Of Brixton (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
13. Koka Kola (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)
14. Train In Vain (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)*
15. Bankrobber (Amsterdam, Holland 05/10/81)
16. The Magnificent Seven (Amsterdam, Holland 05/10/81)
17. Junco Partner (Kingston, Jamaica 11/27/82)
18. Ivan Meets GI Joe (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
19. The Leader (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
20. Somebody Got Murdered (San Bernadino CA 05/28/83)*

DISC THREE (66 minutes)
1. One More Time (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
2. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
3. Corner Soul (Milan Italy 05/21/81)
4. The Sound Of Sinners (San Bernadino CA 05/28/83)
5. Police On My Back (Shea Stadium. NY 10/13/82)*
6. The Call Up (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
7. Washington Bullets (Tokyo Japan 02/01/82)
8. Broadway (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
9. Charlie Don’t Surf (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
10. The Street Parade (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)*
11. This Is Radio Clash (Amsterdam, Holland 05/10/81)
12. Know Your Rights (Lochem, Holland 05/20/82)
13. Car Jamming (St. Paul MN 08/11/82)
14. Ghetto Defendant (Lochem, Holland 05/20/82)
15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Lochem, Holland 05/20/82)*
16. Rock The Casbah (Kingston, Jamaica. 11/27/82)
17. Straight To Hell (Kingston, Jamaica 11/27/82)

JOE STRUMMER: Lead & backing vocals, rhythm guitar.
MICK JONES: Lead & rhythm guitar, effects, backing vocals. Lead vocals on *
PAUL SIMONON: Bass and backing vocals. Lead vocals on "Guns Of Brixton."
TOPPER HEADON: Drums and percussion. Lead vocals on "Ivan Meets GI Joe."
TERRY CHIMES: Drums on "1977," "48 Hours," "Police On My Back," "Car Jamming," "Rock The Casbah" and "Straight To Hell."
KEITH LEVENE: Rhythm guitar on "1977" and "48 Hours."
PETE HOWARD: Drums on "Armagideon Time," "Lost In The Supermarket," "Somebody Got Murdered" and "The Sound Of Sinners."
MICKEY GALLAGHER: Keyboards on "Police & Thieves," "Stay Free," "Jimmy Jazz" and "Spanish Bombs."


The Clash - Trick or Treat - Bond's 81

1. London Calling
2. Safe European Home
3. The Leader
4. Train In Vain
5. This Is Radio Clash
6. Guns Of Brixton
7. The Call Up8. Bankrobber
10.Charlie Don't Surf
11.Somebody Got Murdered
12.Police & Thieves
14.One More Time
15.Brand New Cadillac
16.The Street Parade
17.Janie Jones
18.Washington Bullets


The Clash - From London to Jamaica

27/11/82 Bob Marley Centre Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica

London Calling
Police On My Back
The Guns of Brixton
The Magnificent Seven
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven (reprise)
Junco Partner
Spanish Bombs
One More Time
Train in Vain
This is Radio Clash
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Rock the Casbah
Straight to Hell
I Fought the Law


The Clash - Rockscene Festival, Guehenno 13/05/85

London Calling
Janie Jones
Safe European Home
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven
Three Card Trick
Police On My Back
Brand New Cadillac
I'm So Bored With The USA
Tommy Gun
I Fought The Law
Rock the Casbah
Spanish Bombs


The Clash - Clash calling
US Festival II, San Bernadino County, California - 28/05/83

London Calling / This Is Radio Clash / Somebody Got Murdered / Rock the Casbah / The Guns Of Brixton / Know Your Rights / Koka Kola / Hate and War / Armagideon Time / Sound of the Sinners / Safe European Home / Police on My Back / Brand New Cadillac / I Fought the Law / I'm So Bored with the USA / Train In Vain / The Magnificent Seven / Straight to Hell / Should I Stay or Should I Go? / Clampdown


The Clash - Acoustic Daze

Movers and Shakers / Cool Under Heat / The Guns of Brixton / Spanish Bombs / Police On My Back / Jimmy Jazz / White Man In Hammersmith Palais / Straight to Hell / Clash City Rockers / I Fought the Law / Brand New Cadillac / White Riot / Bankrobber / Stepping Stone



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