Friday, September 19, 2008

Snatches of Pink - Dead Men

Chapel Hills Snatches of Pink have been on-again, off-again southern fried inide-rawk proposition for over twenty years now. Dead Men, saw the light of day in '89, and although it was their second long-player (preceded by '87s Send in the Clowns) it was the first to go digital. Ablaze with lotsa grit, a modicum of twang, and just enough restraint to keep the whole shebang from careening off the rails, the Snatches Dead Men is a minor masterstroke of ragged, yet unmistakably earnest rock 'n roll fervor. The best moments are the opening selections "Salty Dog," and "Bed of Nails," but the remainder is rewarding for those patient enough to acquire the 'taste' (or perhaps "dust" might be more accurate).

The band would rechristen themselves as Clarissa in the mid '90s, splinter not too long thereafter, and reunite under their original moniker in 2003, with the stunning comeback album, Hyena.
01. Salty Dog
02. Bend of Nails
03. Song
04. Midway
05. Witch Dance
06. How the West Was Won
07. Look Away
08. Sleeping Dogs
09. Goin' Down

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