Friday, January 29, 2010

UK Subs - Time Warp Greatest Hits

At their best, the U.K. Subs played state-of-the-art British punk in the 1970s and 1980s -- angry, sneering stuff that had a lot of heart as well as a lot of attitude. Not everything the Subs recorded back then was great, but the band had its share of creative triumphs. Assembled in 2001, Time Warp: The Greatest Hits looks back on their 1970s and 1980s output with generally exciting results. This 16-track CD boasts many of their most essential songs, including "Stranglehold" (not to be confused with the Ted Nugent favorite), "Tomorrow's Girls," "Endangered Species," "I Live in a Car," and "Party in Paris." The Subs weren't afraid to be sociopolitical -- those who appreciate the angry political rants of the Sex Pistols and the Clash tend to have an easy time getting into Subs gems like "New York State Police" and "Warhead." But the Subs never let their sociopolitical agenda come at the expense of a good hook. Time Warp: The Greatest Hits isn't the last word on the U.K. Subs; some die-hard fans might complain about the absence of "Police State" or "Fall of the Empire." Nonetheless, those who are exploring the band for the first time will find that this CD isn't a bad starting point. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

01. Endangered Species
02. New York State Police
03. Time and Matter
04. Countdown
05. Tomorrow’s Girls
06. Emotional Blackmail
07. Crash Course
08. Organised Crime
09. Warhead
10. Confrontation
11. C.I.D.
12. Party in Paris
13. I Live in a Car
14. Down on the Farm
15. Stranglehold
16. Limo Life


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